FAQ camera 0 Wave emission

Please find below all the answers to the different questions you have regarding the use of your application "0 emission Camera"


 Thank you for choosing the Babycamera 0% Emission. Your camera is going to receive updates. When an update is available, you will receive a notification on your phone while your camera is connected to the app. Once you accept the update, do not unplug or use the camera until the power button, located at the back of the camera, is green again. It will take approximately 5 minutes.    

During the first minutes of operation, the temperature measurement might not be completely accurate against the actual temperature of the room. The software will correct this once the components inside the camera will have reached their operating temperature. The temperature alert feature of our software is intended to be used only as a general guideline. Many factors can influence an accurate temperature reading (camera placement, proximity with other objects, etc.) and so a different method must be chosen to accurately monitor the temperature in the baby’s room. Our application should be used only to monitor a large swing in temperature and not the temperature itself. 


Requirements for using the Babycamera 0% Emission

What is the minimum internet speed required to use one camera?

2 Megas

What is the minimum internet speed required to use 2 cameras?

4 Megas

What is the resolution of the camera?

The maximal resolution of your camera corresponds to the format VGA (640x 480 pixels). It is important to note that the application adapts its resolution according to the quality of your internet speed.


What do you have to look out for when using the application « My Babycamera » ?

Verify you have enough battery on your smartphone, tablet or on your Babycamera 0% Emission receiver.
At night, we advise you to plug in your smartphone, tablet or Babycamera 0% Emission receiver. 


We also recommend you to activate the following alerts (available on the new version of the app 2.0)

- the low battery alert: you will be alerted when your device's battery power is at 10%, then 5% and 3%.

- the disconnect alert: you will be alerted when you disconnect from the Babycamera 0% Emission.



1) I can’t find the application for my Babycamera 0% Emission.

Go to Play Store or Apple store and type in the search bar the application’s name: My Babycamera.

To download the application, go to Play Store or Apple store.

2) I can’t manage to scan the QR Code

To add a QR Code click on the + sign on the top right of your My Babycamera app screen.
For your 1st connection under IOS, you will see a message asking you the access to your microphone and camera on your phone. Click “Yes”.
If you did not accept, you should go in the settings of your phone and authorize the access to your microphone and camera for the application My Babycamera.

Depending on the sensitivity of your smartphone you may have difficulties in scanning the QR Code beneath the base of the Babycamera 0% Emission. We advise you to put the camera’s base against a white background; this will let solve the problem.

3) The CPL indicator light on the adapters does not show steady green

 The two PLC adapters cannot work together, possibly for one of the following reasons:
- You have connected one of the adapters onto an electric strip. Try again by plugging it or them into an electric socket.
- You have plugged your adapters on two different electric circuits (this can happen in the case of a three phase installation). In this case you have to use an electric plug connected in the same phase.
- One of the sockets on which you have connected one of the adapters is separated from the other by an electric panel with a differential circuit-breaker. In this case select two electric sockets that are not separated by a differential circuit-breaker.

4) The network indicator light of the CPL adapter (connected to your Internet router) does not light up. The network indicator is the second/middle LED on your plug.

Please refer to the instructions of your Internet router. Some of your router’s Ethernet ports may not allow you to connect this type of peripheral.

5)The indicator light located on the on/off button at the back of the Babycamera 0% Emission stays red

NB: Once you plugged in the camera, the on/off button (7) located at the back of your camera is red, then blinks red then green. It can take a few minutes before the button (7) goes green. If the button remains red during more than one hour, please contact us online. 


If the button on/off remains red it means your Babycamera 0% Emission cannot connect to the Babymoov server to identify itself. This means there is either a problem with the PLC adapters, in which case consult section (3) above, or with the network, in which case consult section (4) above.

6) The combination of my Babycamera 0% Emission with my smartphone/tablet worked properly but when I try to connect I receive this error message: “Camera is not available right now.(?)”

This means that the association between the Babycamera 0% Emission and the smartphone did not work properly.


When you combined the Babycamera 0% Emission with your smartphone/tablet you should have connected your smartphone/tablet to your home Wi-Fi network. If you haven’t done so, delete the camera from the application (to do this click on the icon     located on the image of the camera); connect your smartphone/tablet to your home Wi-Fi network, and lastly re-scan the QR Code beneath the Babycamera 0% Emission.


NB: On the other hand, your Smartphone has to be connected to Wi-Fi (home network or 3G/4G)


7) I want to connect to my Babycamera 0% Emission from my smartphone/tablet, I click on the icon of the camera in MyBabycamera application and I receive the following message: « Cannot connect camera ».

It means that your Babycamera 0% Emission is not connected to the server.

You need to disconnect and reconnect the USB 3.0 cable located at the back of the Babycamera 0% Emission. Check that the on/off button located at the back of the Babycamera 0% Emission is green and check that on each plug (camera and router) the 3 LEDs are green.

8) I want to connect a second Babycamera 0% Emission

Plug your second Babycamera 0% Emission onto your electrical network and wait for it to connect with your PLC adapter of your Internet router (steady CPL indicator light).

You can scan your second Babycamera 0% Emission QR code; you will now have access to both Babycamera 0% Emissionfrom the “My Babycamera” application. 

9) Is there a limit time for the audio and video connection on my Babycamera 0% Emission?

No, when you are using your Babycamera 0% Emission connected to your home network thanks to the PLC adapters, there are no time limitation.

If you are using the version 1.21, when you are connected away from home or when you give access to someone, the connection is limited at 5 minutes. You will receive a message alerting you of the remaining time of connection and you’d be able to renew the connection for 5 more minutes.

10) I'm in a place where I don't have access to a home gateway. How do I use my Babycamera 0% Emission?

In this case, you need to use the Wi-Fi key (sold separately). The Wi-Fi key is intended for occasional use (when you're somewhere with no home gateway).
Turn on the Babycamera 0% Emission and install the My Babycamera app. Then insert the Wi-Fi key in the USB port.
Wait for about a minute for the network to appear in the list of available Wi-Fi networks (in the settings of your phone, section Wi-Fi)
Select the "Babymoov cam" network. Enter the password 12345678, and then click "Connect".
You are now connected to the "Babymoov cam" network and can start using the My Babycamera app. When using the Wi-Fi key, please note that you lose the zero emission function and that the camera will emit waves.
The password and name of your zero emission camera networks can be changed in the settings of the application “My Babycamera” under the section Password and Name. 

N.B.: In this case, operation will be in Wi-Fi and not PLC mode. You will not be able to receive notifications. Therefore, we suggest you leave the app on top so that you can keep an eye on your baby. Range is limited to about 60 feet.

11) I bought the  Babycamera 0% Emission Receiver. How do I connect it?

The application is already installed on the receiver.

In the main screen, you need to:
- Go to the settings icon and get connected to your home wifi network
- Then go back to the Home screen
- Click on the Babycamera icon
- Click on the + sign (top right of your screen)
- Enter the UID (located beneath the foot of the Babycamera 0% Emission. We advise you to put the camera’s foot on a white background if you have trouble reading the UID number. This number always ends with those characters: 111A)
- Enter the password: 12345678

The password and name of your zero emission camera network can be changed in the settings of the application “My Babycamera” under the section Password and Name.

12) I'd also like my spouse to be administrator: can we do that?

Yes, any device (cell phone, tablet or Babymoov receiver) that scans the QR code or in which the UID is entered manually, becomes administrator.

This means that this device can be used to view your baby and use all the app's functions.

13) I shared access to my Babycamera 0% Emission with Grandma, and I also want to invite my baby's godmother: can I do that?

Yes, you can share access to your Babycamera 0% Emission with up to five people, and three at the same time.
When you give access to someone, the connection is limited at 5 minutes. You will receive a message alerting you of the remaining time of connection and you’d be able to renew the connection for 5 more minutes.

14) We are 2 administrators, my husband and me, and when I wish to connect to the application, I have to put a new password. Why?

Since one of the administrators proceeds to the change of the password, the other administrators will have no more access to the camera and they will be invited to put the new password. In case a new administrator would like to add this camera, he will have to make a manual addition (and not by scanning the QR code) and put so the UID and the new password.



1) My image is on the “My Babycamera” application is jerky

Check the range and quality of your network connection. We advise you, as far as possible, to use a Wi-Fi connection rather than a 3G/4G.

In the new version of the application (2.0), the quality of your image adapts itself automatically to the Internet speed you have so that you can have constantly the best available quality.

If you are using the version 1.21, you can diminish the image frequency and quality by going to the menu Settings->Image quality and diminishing the number of images per second (15); you can also diminish the image’s quality (QVGA).

2) There’s an echo on my smartphone/tablet/Babycamera receiver.

The  Babycamera 0% Emission is too close to your smartphone, tablet or Babycamera receiver. If you have to go near the Babycamera 0% Emission deactivate the loudspeaker of your smartphone/tablet/ receiver temporarily by pressing the loudspeaker button of the “My Babycamera” application.

Don’t forget to reactivate the loudspeaker when you go away from the Babycamera 0% Emission.

3) I can’t transmit my tune on the  Babycamera 0% Emission

There are several possible reasons for this problem:

If you have app version 1.21:
- The tune you are trying to transmit on your  Babycamera 0% Emission is too big. The Babycamera 0% Emission memory is limited to 5Mo. You have to select a smaller file.

If you have app version 1.21 or 2.0:
- You’re connected to the camera in 3G/4G. To be able to upload a tune you have to be connected to your home Wi-Fi network.
- You are invited to a sharing; in this mode you cannot change the music 

4) When will I receive notifications?

You will receive notification if you previously activate the 3 types of alerts that are possible: Motion detection, Microphone sensitivity and Temperature.

You will receive notification if you are connected in Wi-Fi of 3G/4G and that your Babycamera 0% Emission is plugged in with its PLC adapters. However, if you are connected via the Zero Emission Wi-Fi key you won’t receive any notifications.

Warning: if you are in silent mode, your phone won’t vibrate. The notification will only be visual (message on your phone).